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Is There Any Proof That Homeopathic Medication Works?

Veterinarians and dog owners alike are intrigued with the concept of holistic (1) medication for pets and are investigating such folksy treatments and preventives as homeopathic doses and herbs as alternatives to trendy medicines. Homeopathic cures mustn’t substitute standard remedies for critical health considerations. Double-blind studies involving homeopathic drugs treatment have yielded variable, conflicting results. Additional, when the British Medical Journal’s “Clinical Proof” analyzed widespread medical remedies to evaluate that are supported by enough reliable evidence (13), they reviewed roughly three,000 therapies and found solely eleven{41f20619a433084b1c2c0f7248272ac3d7c3dda9c299b3d067b9e30cf3430e4c} have been found to be beneficial.

Versions of this survey in 2002 and 2007 found use of homeopathic medicines at 1.7{41f20619a433084b1c2c0f7248272ac3d7c3dda9c299b3d067b9e30cf3430e4c} and 1.8{41f20619a433084b1c2c0f7248272ac3d7c3dda9c299b3d067b9e30cf3430e4c} of the grownup population, respectively. The German authorities carried out this survey, and it also found that there was a 33 p.c reduction in sick days if people used pure therapies, particularly homeopathy or acupuncture. Those who consulted professionals have been extra more likely to really feel that homeopathy was very important in sustaining health and effectively-being.” The sense of the significance of the cures was additionally stronger.

Mother Teresa (1910-1997) studied homeopathic medication with Dr. Diwan Jai Chand (1887-1961), a extremely respected Indian homeopath whose two sons and grandson are …

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