Man, Recognize 7 Signs You Want To Experience Erectile Dysfunction

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Man, Recognize 7 Signs You Want To Experience Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a frightening specter for men. This is what most adult men worry about. Erectile dysfunction is very closely related to satisfaction in the ‘game’. Be grateful for those who have not experienced this disorder. However, be careful because this disorder does not occur at this time, but in the future. Buy Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction. You can buy it at Canadian Pharmacy.

There are a number of signs that indicate that men have the potential to experience erectile dysfunction in the future. Men need to pay attention to these things. Early detection can prevent them from this disorder.

  1. There is no erection in the morning

The erection that occurs in the morning and evening is not caused by stimulation. It is the release of the noradrenaline hormone that causes erection in the morning.

This hormone makes men erect all night long. If there is no erection in the morning, immediately consult a doctor. This indicates that something is wrong with the blood vessels in the penis.

  1. Do not think about sex as it should

We recommend that you be aware of men when they have started to have no sex drive, never even think of things that smell like sex. The reason is, this man has the potential to experience a disorder in the production of testosterone.

Other signs that are likely to arise are the loss of mood and difficult to form the body.

  1. Cholesterol levels and blood pressure increase

When doing laboratory tests and finding cholesterol levels and blood pressure increases, it may be one indication of where men experience erectile dysfunction. If cholesterol levels are at 240 mg / dL and blood pressure is 130/80 mmHg above, you should consult a doctor.

Because the condition can cause inelasticity of blood vessels, so that blood flow to the penis becomes blocked. This is what causes erectile dysfunction.

  1. The need for antidepressant medication and high blood pressure

Both types of drugs are generally the drugs needed by those who experience high blood pressure and anxiety. Medication for high blood pressure clearly serves to reduce tension. In fact, the penis needs blood flow to get an erection. In addition, the content of SSRIs and SNRIs in antidepressant drugs makes stimulating hormones difficult to work.

Maybe now, those who are dependent on this drug do not experience erectile dysfunction. However, stay alert.

  1. The gums swell and bleed

Gum disease that occurs can cause inflammation throughout the body. After that, the blood vessels will also be damaged. If the blood vessels cannot function properly, the blood will be difficult to flow into the penis and make it difficult to ‘on’.

This process does take a long time, so it is better to pay attention.

  1. Erection is not as hard as usual

When men experience a half-erection, this can be a sign of the onset of dysfunction disorder. When this happens once or twice it may still be reasonable. However, when it has happened many times, you should consult a doctor.

  1. Sleep deprivation

Busy men must pay attention to this. Because lack of sleep can be one of the signs of the emergence of erectile dysfunction disorders later on. Lack of rest can cause testosterone levels to drop dramatically, and this results in stress or anxiety.

In addition, decreased testosterone levels can kill libido and make it difficult to achieve an erection.