Is it possible to perform a paternity test during pregnancy?

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Is it possible to perform a paternity test during pregnancy?

Asking for a paternity test may be considered an act of mistrust. However, every man has the right to know the truth if he has doubts about his paternity. Even during pregnancy you can buy a home DNA test kit and find out whether you are the father of the baby in the mother’s womb. To perform this test, you must wait until you have reached the 7th week of pregnancy to take a blood sample from the mother. One advantage of prenatal DNA testing is that it does not affect the natural development of the baby in any way since it is not an invasive procedure. In addition, thanks to the latest advances in technology the baby’s DNA sample taken from the mother can be compared with a DNA sample from the alleged father to corroborate if there is a biological link.

No legal authorization required

There are two types of DNA tests: one without legal validity and one with legal validity. The first is designed to provide information to the people taking part in the test. For example, if you are sure that you are not the father of the baby, you can take the test and once it is negative you can leave your partner. But even if the test is positive, you will not be entitled to claim your rights as the father if the mother does not allow it. These tests without legal validity are cheaper and you take the samples at home. However, if you cannot agree with your partner and she goes to court, you will need a legally valid DNA test.

Take it slow

Knowing that a baby is on the way and not being sure whether you are the father can become a stressful situation. However, you need to take the time to read all the information the lab offers you on their website. Each lab has its own method of working so you have to analyze which one offers the product you are looking for. Many people rush into buying a home DNA test kit without knowing if it is really the type of test they need. The legal aspect is also important. Keep in mind that if you want to use the results in a court of law the lab will ask you to go to a location to provide your samples. Make sure you have the means to travel to that location or you will not be able to perform the test.