Home Yard Medicinal Plants are Beneficial

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Home Yard Medicinal Plants are Beneficial

Here is an example of some useful medicinal plants that can be planted on your homeyard:


Salvia officinalis is suitable for you who live in the apartment or who do not have a home page. Because Sage plants should be replaced every three years so it is better planted in pots. Sage the longer the leaves will be smaller and become wood so that can not be utilized again. Not only as a spice cooking and tea, plants for traditional herbs in Europe and China is useful cure canker sores, digestion, improve fertility, as well as antibiotics and diuretics. Unique flavored plants are also often used for hair care. Rinse hair with boiled water of sage and rosemary leaves to get thick, fragrant, and shiny hair.


Sambiloto also has the nickname “King of Bitter” because it is a bitter taste of traditional herbs that are beneficial to lower blood sugar, blood pressure and intestinal contractions, protect liver and heart damage, and overcome diarrhea. Plants that are found in Indonesia is also easy to grow in all types of soil. Boil until boiling 10-15 leaves and drink regularly to treat typhoid.


Cannabis is a plant that is useful to treat or prevent various diseases, many studies have proven it. In some countries even allow the cultivation of Medical Cannabis at home for treatment.

Flower Kenop

Plants from America and Asia is also known as flower buttons, fennel, or flower puter is useful as an ornamental plant as well as herbal medicine. Maintenance is quite easy that is with watering, soil moisture sensors, and regular fertilization. Antibial flowers and anti-asthma that have unique shape is efficacious treating inflammation of the eyes, headache, fever, dysentery, and increase appetite. Flowers or all parts of the plant can be used in fresh or dry conditions. Boil 10 flowers with ginger, and drink boiled water three times a day on a regular basis to cure asthma or shortness of breath.

Keji Beling

In the leaves and roots of vermin are contained many important substances. Benefits of this plant can be used as a drug kidney stones, diarrhea, lowering cholesterol, liver, ulcers, and treat diabetes. One of the advantages of knowing the following medicinal herbs can help you use natural herbal healing methods, without side effects. Boil 30 pieces of leaves with 2 cups water for treatment of kidney stones.

Cat Whiskers

This beautiful plant is no stranger to its usefulness as a medicine in Indonesia. Mustache cat is used to launch the urinary tract for people with kidney stone disease. This herbal plant is also efficacious to treat rheumatism, gout, cough, diabetes, and hypertension. In addition to ginger, you can also drink water cat whiskers to heal the cold. To ease back pain, boil 7 leaves and 2 pieces of cat’s whiskers root with a glass of water.