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Home Yard Medicinal Plants are Beneficial

Here is an example of some useful medicinal plants that can be planted on your homeyard:


Salvia officinalis is suitable for you who live in the apartment or who do not have a home page. Because Sage plants should be replaced every three years so it is better planted in pots. Sage the longer the leaves will be smaller and become wood so that can not be utilized again. Not only as a spice cooking and tea, plants for traditional herbs in Europe and China is useful cure canker sores, digestion, improve fertility, as well as antibiotics and diuretics. Unique flavored plants are also often used for hair care. Rinse hair with boiled water of sage and rosemary leaves to get thick, fragrant, and shiny hair.


Sambiloto also has the nickname “King of Bitter” because it is a bitter taste of traditional herbs that are beneficial to lower blood sugar, blood pressure and intestinal contractions, protect liver and heart damage, and overcome diarrhea. Plants that are found in Indonesia is also easy to grow in all types of soil. Boil until boiling 10-15 leaves and drink regularly to treat typhoid.


Cannabis is a plant that is useful

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The Facts of Cannabis: Future Cancer Medicine!

Marijuana plants are unique because they have opposite effects. On the one hand, the plant can spice up cooked food. But on the other hand, also gives a negative effect for entering in one type of narcotics.

This situation is in stark contrast to the conditions in the Western Hemisphere that always put forward research or research. There, people know marijuana as a cancer cell killer and legalized or allowed. Health Minister Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih once expressed his opinion on the legalization of this marijuana.

“Any ingredient if he could be a treatment, that’s okay. Morphin is illegal, but if it’s a treatment it’s okay. If everything becomes a medicine, it’s okay. Origin is not legalized for negative things, “he explained.

Cannabis Stop the Spread of Cancer Cells

Cannabis is a sale and using it is prohibited, proved to be an alternative medicine for cancer. A compound in cannabis found by researchers at the California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, could potentially kill cancer cells. “It took about 20 years for this study, and the results are very encouraging”, said Pierre Despres, a researcher at the Huffington Post.

Desprezm, a molecular biologist, spends an annual time studying cancer-spreading genes.

Meanwhile, …

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Cultivating An Active Lifestyle

While many people may understand the plethora of benefits that an active lifestyle has to offer, living an active lifestyle can be hard to do. We know and understand the rewards of good sleep, exercise, and everyday activity but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we practice it! As they say – knowing is only half the battle. Finding time in your hectic work week, busy social schedule, or stay-at-home parenting duties to be active is a real challenge. It may seem nearly impossible but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Cultivating an active lifestyle is something that everyone can achieve.

Changing your lifestyle is a family affair. Just imagine trying to be active in a house full of couch potatoes! It’s always more fun to enjoy your new active lifestyle with loved ones. Finding group activities that everyone in your family can enjoy is crucial to the success of your new lifestyle change. Local recreation centers are a great place to find fun activities for the whole family. Taking advantage of what your local rec centers have to offer is a great way to stay active, save money, and enjoy quality time with your family. Activities like organized sports

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